Women – Please Be More Gracious

Modal Lace Nightdress from Verde Veronica

One of the beautiful black modal lace nightdresses thrown back in the face of the giver

Until I had a lingerie shop of my own I bought into the joke that men buy their wives or girlfriends something black and red and skimpy however the men who have visited over the last decade come in with so much thoughtfulness, they know what styles of bras their significant others like, they know the sizes and the styles of pants that suit them, they recognise quality and want to please. They go to a lot of trouble to find colours as well that will suit their skin tones.

Daughters come in too, sometimes all in a group to buy their mothers some lovely underwear, they also really think about the purchase and often want their mothers to try a younger style or one with colour for a change.

What happens: the present gets flung back in their faces. “I’d never wear that”, “how dare you buy me something like that”. One poor delivery man took ages chosing something for his loved one, when she unwrapped it she just looked at it, flung it down and said “I’m leaving you”.

What is with these women? Where are their manners? We are talking about fine underwear here, well made out of lovely fabrics. Price is not the issue as we try to buy lovely underwear in all prices. I would love to know whether it is underwear and nightwear that elicits this rude and hurtful response rather than slippers or a foot spa?

In my experience men put themselves out a lot, they do not enjoy shopping, the taking time off, trawling through crowds, finding a parking space, they do not do queing and then they buy something they really think will give pleasure and the women totally lose their manners.

I was taught that when someone gives you a gift you should say thank you, after having appreciated it, and if it is clothing it should be tried on and worn with a smile. If men are to be treated in this brutal manner, they will never try again, they will hate the very thought of birthdays, Christmas, Valentines or just gift giving in general.

When a gift is given by family, friends or loved ones perhaps women should look at it with an open mind and think … perhaps a pink bra wouldn’t show under my coloured winter wardrobe, what is wrong with a red bra occasionally under the dreary uniform of slatey colours one sees everywhere on the street. What is wrong with wearing some lacey lingerie for the person who gives it to them, is it such a hardship, from personal experience the rewards are wonderful.

I am based in Whitby in North Yorkshire – perhaps it is just Yorkshire women who behave this way. I don’t know but I think it is a very poor show. Honestly I can say it is only the one percent of men who come in and say, I have to buy something for my wife for Christmas, I don’t care what it is as long as it is a set, bra pants and a suspenderbelt.

I would love to hear your experiences or, from women why they are so angry.

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